Health field adapting to Internet age

WASHINGTON, Jan. 22 (UPI) -- Thanks to plans from billionaire Steve Case and an online group, the U.S. health industry is set to adapt to the profitable world of the Internet.

The Wall Street Journal said healthcare is next to follow the lead of other industries through the creation of a new health-oriented Web site by Case and the adaptation of WebMD.


Case, a co-founder of America Online, is set to launch Revolution Health Group, an online site that would allow visitors to manage their health and potentially have access to premium health services.

"It's time to use the power of the Internet to reform health care with a 'people-powered' approach to health -- giving parents, patients, and caregivers all the tools they need to manage their health care needs and live healthier lives," Case said of his new service.

While the site would allow visitors to get health information for free, additional health services would require payment or a membership fee.

Online health provider WebMD meanwhile is set to adapt its services in similar ways to those offered on by providing additional health information and services, the Journal said.


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