Yahoo! launches Gay Pride microsite

SUNNYVALE, Calif., June 7 (UPI) -- Yahoo! is compiling global Pride celebrations as well as LGBT-related services and resources for a microsite in honor of Gay and Lesbian Pride Month.

The comprehensive Gay Pride microsite,, will include shopping resources, travel and destination information, LGBT-friendly venues, community-building tools, and volunteer opportunities with LGBT organization, the company said.


It will also feature best of Gay Pride photos of international celebrations on Flickr, allow individuals to ask Pride-related questions on Yahoo!Answers, list LGBT blogs and podcasts, and allow individuals to dress their avatar in a selection of Gay Pride clothing, among other things.

"Since its inception, Yahoo! has been focused on inclusion and openness. Gay Pride gives us an opportunity to celebrate diversity in our audience and our workforce," said Meg Garlinghouse, director of Yahoo! for Good, the company's community relations initiative. "Tens of millions of global LGBT consumers visit our site per month and they rely on and contribute to Yahoo!. This is our way of recognizing and supporting this active part of our community."

According to Yahoo!, the site was conceived and built by members of the company's LGBT employee stakeholder group.


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