Hot springs found in Norwegian Sea

BERGEN, Norway, Aug. 11 (UPI) -- The world's northernmost underwater hot springs that sustains coral has been found in the chilly waters of the Arctic by Norwegian researchers.

Using a mini-submarine, researchers at the University of Bergen found the underwater hot springs this summer at a depth of 660 yards on the so-called Mohnsryggen north of the Arctic island of Jan Mayen, where Norway maintains a weather station and military presence, reported Aftenposten Thursday.


The researchers were stunned when the mini-sub glided into an underwater forest featuring pinnacles from which streamed water nearly 500 degrees F and saw sea life including shrimp, sea spiders, coral and eel.

"It was like looking into a fantasy world," said Rolf B. Pedersen, who led the international expedition. "Life that can adapt to extreme conditions can have extreme characteristics."

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