CEA praises new FCC broadband regs

ARLINGTON, Va., Aug. 9 (UPI) -- The Consumer Electronics Association has praised the Federal Communications Commission's new rules that apply to broadband networks.

"We applaud today's action by the FCC creating regulatory parity among all broadband service providers," CEA Vice President for Technology Policy Michael Petricone said in a news release. "We commend the commission's endorsement of principles ensuring that Americans retain their freedom to access content, use applications and connect devices of their choice to high-speed Internet networks.


Petricone also said adherence to these principles "is vital to ensure the development of new innovative consumer electronic devices that depend on unrestricted connection to broadband networks. In the coming days, we will examine the policy statement in full to ensure that it includes the necessary provisions and mechanisms that fully preserve these principles."

He added that the CEA is looking forward "to working with Chairman Martin and the Commission as we continue to promote and protect consumers' freedom to connect in the broadband era."

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