Ontario farmers find marijuana hidden in fields

BELLE RIVER, Ontario, June 27 (UPI) -- Rural Ontario farmers said it is not unusual for them to find marijuana plants hidden in their corn and bean fields.

Leo Guilbeault, who grows corn and soybeans in Belle River, said harvest time usually results in discovering a section of his field had been cleared and used to grow marijuana plants, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported Thursday.


"Right now, the corn is about knee high we're done doing what we need to do in the field. We don't come back to fertilize anymore, we don't come back to spray anymore. So really, if they go in 100 feet into the field -- [and] we have seven corn fields so we don't walk every square feet of our field every day -- the chances of us finding it until we get in at harvest time is pretty minimal," Guilbeault said.

The farmer said most of the plants are discovered at harvest time in the fall, but he has already discovered a few during the spring this year.

"You find marijuana in corn fields pretty much every year. It's pretty common around the county. Everybody runs across it," Guilbeault said. "They spot a corn field and the entrepreneurs come in and do their thing."


Bruce Court, a farmer near Haldiman, said on his Twitter account Ontario farmers find "thousands" of marijuana plants each year.

He said this has been a particularly heavy year for cannabis discoveries on his property.

"I'm finding a lot of this in fields this year," he tweeted.

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