Wisconsin Assembly votes on rubber duck races bill

Rubber duck races in Wisconsin include the "Ducktona 500" and the "Lucky Ducky Derby."
By Evan Bleier  |  Feb. 13, 2014 at 12:04 PM
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MADISON, Wis., Feb. 13 (UPI) -- Wisconsin lawmakers will decide on Thursday whether rubber duck (races) are tons of fun, and whether they want to make them legal in the state.

The Wisconsin Assembly will vote on a bill to legalize rubber duck racing in the state after the village of Mishicot was warned by the Wisconsin Department of Justice that its annual rubber duck race was an example of illegal gambling.

It’s common for charity organizations to race the plastic ducks and have people buy raffle tickets to “bet” on who will win to raise money.

Existing rubber duck races in Wisconsin include the "Ducktona 500" and the "Lucky Ducky Derby."

According to Assembly Bill 422:

“This bill expands the type of raffles that are authorized to include games of chance for which tickets are sold and that use plastic or rubber ducks in a race. Each "duck" has a number on it, which is the same number that is on a ticket that was sold for the raffle. The duck that first crosses the finish line represents the winner of the raffle. The bill imposes certain requirements for conducting a race, including a requirement that the ducks be the same size, shape, and weight, and that a device be used at the finish line that traps the ducks in the order that they cross.”

The bill, which was introduced by De Pere Republican Andre Jacque, should pass with bipartisan support. It would create an exemption for charity duck races, similar to laws in Minnesota and Michigan.

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