Ohio woman hopes to legally change her name to 'Sexy'

A Licking County judge will decide if Sheila Ranea Crabtree can change her name on Feb. 11.
By Evan Bleier  |  Jan. 31, 2014 at 12:28 PM
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LICKING COUNTY, Ohio, Jan. 31 (UPI) -- An Ohio woman who has always gone by her middle name because she hates first name, Sheila, is going before a Licking County judge on Feb. 11 to see if she can legally change her name to “Sexy.”

Sheila Ranea Crabtree has always hated her first name.

“It’s an ugly name I was cursed with,” she said. “My mom chose my middle name, Ranea, which I love. And my dad chose the ugly name. My husband sometimes calls me sexy. I just decided on that just because it’s fun. I wasn’t expecting anyone to find out. I didn’t even tell my husband I was going through with it.”

Crabtree’s plan became public because the name-change application process requires running a notice in the newspaper.

“It was in real small print,” she said. “Then a couple of weeks later, I started getting calls and was contacted by everyone. I’m sure if I’d changed it to something ordinary, no one would have even known.”

Now that the name of “Sexy Crabtree” has drawn so much attention, the mother of two really hopes the change goes through.

“I’m not doing it for attention,” she said. “I’m just doing it for me. This is what I want in my life. I just wanted to get rid of that name entirely so I could be completely happy. I’m perfectly happy with everything else in my life right now.”

If the judge says no to Sexy, Crabtree would also consider going by “Sparkle.”

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