Dallas dog poop murder trial begins Monday

Chung Kim, 75, says he was acting in self-defense.
By Evan Bleier  |  Jan. 6, 2014 at 8:39 AM
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Jury selection in the capital murder trial of a Dallas man who is accused of killing his neighbors last year because they left dog feces outside of his door is set to begin on Monday.

According to police, Chung Kim, 75, killed Michelle Jackson and then went upstairs to kill her boyfriend, Jamie Stafford. The dispute began because Kim was upset by the way that the couple would allegedly wash their dog’s urine and feces off of their patio down onto his patio.

Jackson and Stafford had five children together.

Kim has said that he killed Stafford in self-defense but has denied murdering Jackson. He has admitted that he "went to blank" and doesn't remember what happened at certain points during the alleged incident.

"I know martial arts, and I know I'm going to die anyway. People die at 76 years old, but I don't want someone to kill me," Kim said of shooting Stafford during an interview with WFAA earlier this year. "So I take his gun and kill him."

He has denied that there was any dispute over dog poop. "That's a lie; someone making lie because they are prejudiced. This guy was really prejudiced. I'm Korean; he talked to me in really bad language," Kim said of Stafford.


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