Woman files for divorce over the way her husband eats peas

Woman in Kuwait upset to find out husband eats peas with bread instead of a fork.
By Evan Bleier Follow @itishowitis Contact the Author   |  Jan. 3, 2014 at 12:55 PM
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A woman in Kuwait found the way her husband ate his peas to be such a “shocking sight” that she filed for divorce after they had only been married for a week.

The woman decided that her husband’s habit of eating peas with bread instead of a fork was an issue that they could not work out.

That’s not the only recent divorce that has nothing to do with infidelity, abuse or communication issues.

Another woman recently filed for divorce because of the way her husband squeezes toothpaste. “We are always arguing,” she reportedly told her lawyer. “I keep telling him that he should squeeze in the end of the tube, but he stubbornly refuses and keeps squeezing it in the middle. He is so obstinate.”

It’s not always just the ladies

In another recent case, a man ended things with his wife because she wouldn’t bring him a glass of water. After she told him that there was a servant who could do it, they had an argument and he told her their marriage was over.

“One critical issue is that many spouses should use their engagement period to know each other well enough to decide whether they should go on with their union,” said a Kuwaiti legalist. “The traditional times when spouses really met each other after their marriage are over, so there are now good opportunities to know the future life partner and decide whether he or she is the right one.”

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