WWII veteran says 90 percent of Congress members are traitors to the US

“I hope our Congress wakes up,” vet says. “Ninety percent of them are traitors to our country.”
By Evan Bleier   |  Dec. 30, 2013 at 4:06 PM
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A World War II veteran released a video through the Liberty Alliance over the weekend in which he claims 90 percent of those currently serving in Congress are traitors to the United States.

Warenn Bodeker is a member of Oath Keepers, a group of current and former military members who have vowed to "defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

“I hope our Congress wakes up,” Bodeker says in the video. “Ninety percent of them are traitors to our country.”

Bodeker is in front of the National World War II Memorial in Washington D.C. during much of the video.

“Whether our government likes it or not, we have to stand up for the Constitution and the freedom that we have,” Bodeker said. “The people will eventually say ‘enough is enough’ and they’re gonna rise up with a wrath and take government back. Don’t ask me how, but it has to be done…Life has value, and whatever the cost, we need to fight for that freedom and value.”

The 89-year-old made an unsuccessful run for state office in Montana on the Constitution Party ticket.

“I hope the American people wake up to realize what is going on,” Bodeker said. “They’ll open their eyes, and if they’ll quit being a captive of the television, and start looking and listening to what’s been happening to our country and what’s going to happen if we let it keep on like it is, we’ll have nothing.”

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