Raleigh TV anchor says 'Santa of today is made up' during afternoon broadcast

Viewers were "shocked to hear it announced" that Santa is made up.
By Evan Bleier  |  Dec. 18, 2013 at 1:44 PM
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A TV station in Raleigh, N.C. had to apologize after one of its anchors spilled the beans about Santa Claus during an afternoon broadcast.

After wrapping up a story about the debate on the ethnicity of Santa, WTVD anchor Anna Laurel said, "Hide your ears, but the Santa of today is made up."

Weatherman Chris Hohmann tried to cover for Laurel by saying, "She didn't say that, did you?"

Laurel then tried to play off her remark. "Earmuffs kids," She said. "Earmuffs."

The station got enough complaints about the incident that it issued an apology via Facebook.

“We obviously struck a raw nerve during our Santa story at 4 pm,” the station wrote on its page. “We will be more mindful of our 4 pm audience in the future.”

That wasn’t enough for some people.

“Its kind of a unspoken rule for news channels not to spoil things like that for kids. Hints why they do the norad stuff and weather shows the sleigh,” wrote one person. “So its perfectly fine for parents to be upset about the santa story. Its no ones elses place to touch that part of a kids life except a parent. Sure kids will find out on there own 90% of the time. But honestly its something kids enjoy why take it from them.”

Another commenter had her concerns specifically addressed by the station. “I was shocked to hear it announced that Santa today is ‘made up’. Thanks A LOT!! My 9 year old who has suspicions about Santa just heard THAT on the news! Unbelievable!!”

WTVD responded: “We're very sorry Molly.”


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