Professor filmed up student's skirt to 'prove she wasn't wearing undergarments'

University of Florida professor Don Samuelson charged with video voyeurism for secretly filming female students.

A portable usb digital video recorder disguised as a pen. (CC/Jack Keene)
A portable usb digital video recorder disguised as a pen. (CC/Jack Keene)

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University of Florida veterinary science professor Don Samuelson was charged Friday with "video voyeurism" for secretly filming down the shirts and up the skirts of female students.

Between April and August this year, Samuelson used a USB camera hidden inside a pen to film his female students without their knowledge.


Florida's video voyeurism law prohibits secretly recording people "for the amusement, entertainment, sexual arousal, gratification, or profit of oneself or another."

According to the arrest report, the first two of four alleged incidents involve recording down a woman's v-neck shirt. On August 30, one woman became aware of what Samuelson was up to as he attempted filming both down her shirt and up her skirt, between her thighs.

The camera pen was seized by police and the portable thumb drive containing the videos included videos of other women working in his lab and meeting in his office.

Samuelson admitted the camera pen was his, but insisted he was using it to prove a woman wasn't wearing any undergarments.

The thumb drive was found among other drives containing pornographic images.

University Police Department chief Linda Stump said the investigation is ongoing to discover whether any other women were secretly filmed.


UF spokesperson Janine Sikes said Samuelson is on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. "In a situation such as this one with serious allegations, the appropriate action to pursue would be termination," Sikes said.

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