Clown terrorizes town: Boris the Clown Catcher looks to snag creepy clown

The Northampton Clown has been terrorizing a town in Britain but he may have met his match in a volunteer who dubbed himself Boris the Clown Catcher.
By CAROLINE LEE,  |  Sept. 19, 2013 at 10:03 AM
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Boris the Clown Catcher has stepped up to save the day as Northampton, England residents are terrorized by a clown.

Someone known as the Northampton Clown, is dressing up as a clown and creeping out the residents of Northampton.

A Facebook page has been launched for the clown, where locals can discuss Northhampton Clown sightings and post pictures.

Some have reported that the creepy clown says, "Beep, beep," when it approaches people, a line from the Stephen King miniseries "IT" that features a child-killing clown. Others have said that he knocks on windows and then stands there, silently.

Why the clown is there, and what he or she is doing, has baffled local residents. The clown is dressed in white face paint with drawn-on eyebrows, a curly red wig and ruffled collar, like Pennywise from "IT." Its first appearance was Friday, September 13.

Regardless, "Boris the Clown Catcher," a man wearing a Superman outfit, is patrolling the town.

Some residents have said that the clown is part of a publicity stunt for an annual haunted house called Dr. Fright's Night. A man claiming to be the clown commented on the "Spot Northampton Clown's" Facebook page to deny the claims.

“I ‘haven’t’ been knocking on houses and asking to paint window sills,” the clown wrote on Monday. “If what i am doing does get too much for people, I will have to stop.”

“I'm also ‘not’ apart of Dr Fright's Night for those interested,” the person wrote. “But it seems to be promoting them and others which is great!”

Northhampton Police said that they had received three calls over the weekend related to people dressed as clowns, and issued a warning for people dressed like clowns and acting suspiciously.

So far, there have been no clown-related arrests.

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