Casey Anthony's parents sold Caylee's toys at garage sale

Caylee Anthony.
Caylee Anthony.

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Casey Anthony must be hard up for cash these days.

The acquitted murder suspect owes nearly $800,000, and it seems her parents are doing their part by... holding a garage sale?


If Florida resident Christian Werner's eyes are to be believed, Anthony's parents, George and Cindy Anthony were the middle aged couple holding a yard sale at their Mount Dora house on June 28.

Among the items? Child's toys, travel luggage, a backpack and even several teddy bears Werner claims belonged to their dead granddaughter Caylee.

“I drove by and noticed the house looked familiar to me. I had seen this house before," Werner said. "I got close and noticed that the people outside really looked like George and Cindy Anthony. It was the home of Caylee Anthony’s grandparents."

“When I pulled up, they were taking tarps off the yard sale items that were covered due to the rain," she said. "I immediately noticed the two white canopies over the yard sale tables because they looked like the tents used in the search for Caylee.”

Werner said she spent several hours chatting with George and Cindy Anthony who "were very friendly" to her "because they felt I did not know who they were," she explained.


She bought a few items, and returned the next day for more, videotaping their interactions.

Werner described the couple as bickering with each other over prices and said it was an uncomfortable experience.

"I simply will never understand how these grandparents can put a price tag on Caylee's items," she said. "I can understand Casey's things, but I will never understand how they could part with these things at a yard sale!"

Werner didn't say what she planned to do with the items.

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