Jon Stewart appears on Egypt's 'Daily Show'

By Kristen Butler,  |  June 24, 2013 at 12:27 PM
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Jon Stewart stopped in Egypt during his break from "The Daily Show" to appear on "Bernameg" with host Bassem Youssef for a 20-minute interview.

Youssef, host of the satirical program modeled on "The Daily Show," has often been referred to as the Egyptian Jon Stewart. When Youssef was detained earlier this year for a segment that made fun of a large hat worn by Egyptian President Morsi, Jon Stewart came to his defense in a segment on his program.

Stewart was led onto the "Bernameg" stage with a black bag over his head, as a joke of course. The two greeted each other warmly, and proved comedy can overcome language and culture barriers, when Stewart wondered why there are no traffic lights.

"The law appears to be, 'can I get over the car in front of me?'" Stewart said, to audience laughter. "I flew into Egypt, I got here three days ago, and I got into a car at the airport and I just got here."

"What you don't know about our traffic," Youssef joked, "[is] that it's our first line of defense."

Later Youssef asked, "Does satire get you into trouble?" Stewart replied that sometimes it does, "but not the kind of trouble it gets you into."

Jon Stewart went on to talk about the feature film he is directing during his absence from "The Daily Show," which will be hosted by John Oliver until his return.

Based on a book by journalist Maziar Bahari, "Rosewater" is the story of his experience covering the 2009 Iranian presidential elections. Bahari was sent to an Iranian prison for four months on suspicion that he was a spy, due in part to evidence of an appearance he made on "The Daily Show."

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