45 escaped cows stampede through neighborhood in England

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July 8 (UPI) -- A herd of 45 escaped cows paraded through a neighborhood in North Yorkshire, England, creating a racket that "sounded like an earthquake" and leaving behind "quite a lot of poo."

Security camera footage recorded in the Ripon neighborhood shows resident Leon Box, 16, going out to investigate the sound and sprinting for safety when he spotted the herd of cows barreling toward him.


"My eldest had just got to the corner. A few of his friends has said there are some cows loose. They couldn't see any road just a load of cows," mother Jess Box, 36, told the Yorkshire Post.

She said her husband captured cellphone camera footage when he and the couple's two younger children went out to see the commotion.

"It sounded like an earthquake," she said.

The cows, which apparently escaped from a nearby farm by pushing their way through a gate, were rounded up over the course of several hours by North Yorkshire Police.

Box said several gardens were destroyed by the bovines.

"They made a mess. There is quite a lot of poo. It's pretty gross," Box said.

She said most neighbors have seen the humor in the situation.


"Quite a lot of people have said it's the funniest thing they've seen," she said.

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