Man assembles Mr. Potato Head in record-breaking 5.15 seconds

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June 25 (UPI) -- A 20-year-old Northern Ireland man broke a spud-sational Guinness World Record by assembling a Mr. Potato Head toy in 5.15 seconds.

County Antrim resident Declan McFerran said he spent four hours refining his technique for attaching all of the features to the popular plastic toy before successfully shaving .28 seconds off the record previously set by Malaysian serial record breaker Lim Kai Yi in 2022.


"I hadn't seen or owned a Mr. Potato Head since a child, however, I was enticed by the record and gave it my best try, and to my pleasant surprise I managed to break the record," McFerran told Guinness World Records.

He credited his success to his speedy technique.

"It was to start with the body, hat and legs, as all three pieces could be put together simultaneously," he said.

"Then I decided it would be best to put his eyes in with my non-dominant hand, whilst simultaneously lifting his nose and scooping his moustache onto the nose piece in one swift motion, therefore the eyes, mustache and nose all will be put on at the same time. That then would leave me with the ears and arms."


McFerran said he is now looking at what other records he could break with his dexterity.

"Breaking this record created a spark in me and I aim to hold a few more in the near future," he said. "I've always dreamt of being a record holder at something. I'm quite a ridiculous person so this title is very fitting and honestly one of my best achievements."

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