'Fast and strong' piglet leads California police on a foot chase

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June 17 (UPI) -- Police in California engaged in a foot pursuit with a piglet that "proved to be very fast and strong for an animal of its size" -- and the chase was caught on camera.

The Sebastopol Police Department said officers responded to a report of a piglet running in the roadway on Gravenstein Highway North.


"Officers arrived and located the described piglet, who proved to be very fast and strong for an animal of its size," police said in a Facebook post.

Police and concerned citizens pursued the petite porcine perpetrator for "multiple city blocks" until they managed to corner it in a Soll Court resident's side yard.

The piglet turned out to be a pet named Pickles and was returned to its owner.

The post said officers "used discretion and elected not to charge 'Pickles' with 148(a)(1) PC -- (Resisting a peace officer). Instead, we felt it was beneficial to just admonish 'Pickles' for running from officers."

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