David Rush reclaims behind-the-back catches title for 177th world record

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June 17 (UPI) -- Serial record-breaker David Rush earned his 177th concurrently-held Guinness World Record by recapturing the title for the most tennis balls caught behind the back in one minute (team of two).

Rush, of Boise, Idaho, and frequent collaborator Jonathan "Hollywood" Hannon previously set the record in 2023, when Hannon threw the tennis balls over Rush's head and he caught 22 of them behind his back in the allotted time.


Their record was later broken by a team who achieved 25 catches in one minute.

Rush and Hannon recently recaptured their title before an audience at the Michigan school where Hannon's children are students.

The pair managed 26 catches, beating the previous record by a single catch.

Rush currently holds 177 records, nearing his goal of 181, which would make him the holder of the most concurrent Guinness World Records titles.

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