Mandrill at Arizona zoo dubbed the world's oldest at 37

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June 11 (UPI) -- A mandrill monkey living at the Phoenix Zoo in Arizona has been confirmed as the oldest in the world at the age of 37.

The female mandrill, named Nikki, was born the Oregon Zoo on Jan. 13, 1987, and has lived at the Phoenix Zoo for the last six years.


Zoo officials told Guinness World Records that Nikki is more than twice the 18.3-year median life expectancy of a mandrill, the world's largest species of monkey.

Nikki's half-sister, Victoria, also had a long life before she died at the age of 35 in April 2022. The two monkeys were brought to Arizona from Oregon in the hopes that the climate would better suit their health in old age.

"I think it helps not having harsh winters, as the cold is hard on the joints," Nikki's caretaker told Guinness World Records. "Her mandrill companions are also very laid back, and she has adapted a good routine."


Nikki has now been certified as the oldest living mandrill in captivity. Guinness World Records said the oldest mandrill on record was a female who was confirmed to be 40 years old at the Dallas Zoo in 2004.

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