David Rush creates new world record category on balance board

@recordbreakerrush Most Blindfolded Juggling Catches in One Minute on a Balance Board - World Record! #fyp #breakingrecords #WorldRecord ♬ Motivation epic - Ofail Nadeem
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June 10 (UPI) -- Serial record-breaker David Rush saw the culmination of years of efforts when he earned the Guinness World Records title for the most juggling catches in one minute while on a balance board -- blindfolded.

Rush said he initially applied to inaugurate the title 5 years ago, but Guinness World Records officials denied the application, noting its similarity to a previously existing title -- most consecutive juggling catches while on a balance board (blindfolded).


Officials told Rush they would reconsider the decision if the pre-existing record surpassed one minute or reached a significant number of catches, a feat Rush achieved recently when he spent more then 6 minutes on the balance board and made 2,346 catches.

The record application was finally approved, and Guniess set 250 as the goal to beat to be the first holder of the record. Rush managed 437 catches in the allotted time.

The record marks Rush's 176th concurrently held Guinness World Records title. He is closing in on his goal of holding 181 titles and overtaking fellow serial record-breaker Silvio Sabba's total of 180.


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