Bear interrupts California man washing his dishes

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June 7 (UPI) -- A California man washing the dishes in his kitchen found himself interrupted by a trespassing bear -- and he caught the encounter on camera.

Jason Wightman said he was washing dishes at his Sierra Madre home when he looked to the side and saw a bear in his doorway.


He posted a video to Facebook showing the encounter.

"Hello, are you nice?" Wightman says in the video. "You're in my house. Get out of my house."

Wightman said bears are common in his area, but he was stunned to see one inside his house.

"I don't even remember what I was saying," Wightman told KCAL-TV. "It was happening so fast. There was a bear in my kitchen."

The bear left without incident.

There were 370 recorded bear sightings in Sierra Madre in 2023, with 70 of the incidents involving a bear entering a home. Deputy City Manager Laura Aguilar said there have been more than 100 bear sightings so far this year, but only three reports of the animals entering homes. She credited measures including bear-resistant trash cans and bans on feeding wildlife with helping to reduce the number of bruin incursions.


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