Peafowl escape from Bronx Zoo for New York adventure

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May 28 (UPI) -- Officials at New York's Bronx Zoo said seven peafowl went out for an adventure in the city, and one remained on the loose Tuesday.

The seven peacocks and peahens, members of the zoo's flock of about 100 free-roaming peafowl, wandered out of the zoo Monday and made their way to the Morris Park area.


Driver Harry Phillips stopped to help the birds when he spotted them wandering into traffic at the Morris Park train station.

"I kind of did a double take and didn't know if I was really seeing a peacock," he told WABC-TV. "I went behind them and made sure that the cars weren't coming."

Phillips and other residents contacted authorities, and five of the birds were captured in Dany Martinez's back yard.

"I was surprised and I got scared because it was right in front of my door," Martinez said.

The Bronx Zoo said one other bird returned to the zoo on its own, and the lone remaining fugitive is being monitored.

Officials said the free-roaming peafowl occasionally wander outside of zoo grounds, but they usually don't go far and will return on their own.


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