Wildlife rescuer dons red fox mask to feed orphaned kit

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March 13 (UPI) -- Wildlife rescuers in Virginia shared a video of an official wearing a red fox mask while syringe-feeding an orphaned kit.

The video posted to Facebook by the Richmond Wildlife Center shows Executive Director Melissa Stanley wearing the somewhat-realistic mask and rubber gloves while feeding a red fox kit brought to the center earlier this month.


The center had earlier put out a call on social media for supplies including the purportedly realistic mask.

"It's important to make sure that the orphans that are raised in captivity do not become imprinted upon or habituated to humans," the post said. "To prevent that, we minimize human sounds, create visual barriers, reduce handling, reduce multiple transfers amongst different facilities, and wear masks for the species."

The center said rescuers have been in contact with another rehabilitation facility about fox kits that are the same approximate age and weight. They said officials are determining the best way for the female kit to be "with other foxes her own age."

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