Rattlesnake found in back seat of Arizona woman's car

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March 5 (UPI) -- An Arizona woman said it was a lucky thing she was parked and not in motion when she discovered there was a rattlesnake in the back seat of her car.

Milan Watt of Phoenix said she was sitting in the parked car with her boyfriend when he spotted the snake lurking behind them.


"He turned around and he had seen a tongue, kind of like flipping at him," Watt told KPNX-TV. "I lost my mind."

Watt said it was a good thing the car was parked at the time.

"I don't know what I would have done if I had saw it while I was driving. I would have crashed the car," Watt said.

She said the car is frequently parked in desert areas and the snake may have been inside the vehicle for up to two weeks.

"I was driving around with a snake in my car for two weeks," she said. "We got real comfortable in that car. That snake made its home in there."

Watt called 911, but was told emergency responders could not help because there was no immediate threat from the snake.


She posted video of the backseat snake to TikTok.

"A diamondback rattlesnake found its way in, or this was attempted murder," she wrote.

Watt said her boyfriend ended up opening all of the car doors and used a tree branch to remove the intruder.

Watt said she will be checking on and under all of the seats before driving from now on.

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