First-ever Florida Man Games held in St. Augustine

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Feb. 26 (UPI) -- The first-ever Florida Man Games were held in St. Augustine, Fla., featuring events including a mullet contest, a "weaponized pool noodle mud duel" and a "Florida sumo" contest where competitors tried to spill one another's beers.

The all-day event featured teams competing in multiple varied events, which also included a pork butt eating contest, a "Florida Ma'am" beauty contest and an "evading arrest obstacle course" that featured competitors being pursued by actual police officers.


Hundreds of spectators purchased $55 tickets to observe the proceedings.

The team that racked up the most points across events was awarded a $5,000 prize.

Celebrity guests at the Florida Man Games included American Gladiators alums Dan "Nitro" Clark and Lori "Ice" Fetrick, who served as referees for various events, and TikTok star OMGITSWICKS, who served as host.

Pete Melfi, a former radio personality and current podcaster based out of St. Augustine, came up with the Florida Man Games last year after organizing "the laziest race in the history of races," a beer run lasting only half of a kilometer -- about 1,640 feet.


"We understand that Florida is weird," Melfi told The New York Times. "We embrace it."

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