Scorpion stows away from Kenya to Ireland in woman's luggage

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Feb. 7 (UPI) -- A venomous scorpion stowed away from Kenya to Ireland in a traveler's luggage and lived in her home for two weeks before being discovered.

James Hennessy, owner and zoo director at the National Reptile Zoo in County Kilkenny, said the Wicklow woman unpacked her suitcase after arriving home from Kenya and left the bag in her bedroom.


He said the woman moved her bag about two weeks later and discovered there was a Fisher's fat-tailed scorpion underneath it.

"Luckily the house the woman is living in has underfloor heating so the scorpion was nice and toasty warm on the floor," Hennessy told RTE Morning Ireland.

Hennessy said the scorpion will live the rest of its days in comfort in The National Reptile Zoo's venomous unit, where it will be used for educational presentations.

"This type of scorpion is not lethally dangerous but the venom can cause breathing difficulties, severe pain and some localized swelling. Thankfully it would not be life-threatening if you got a sting," he said.

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