California woman grows world's longest arm hair

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Jan. 23 (UPI) -- A California woman earned a Guinness World Records title when a single strand of hair growing out of her bicep was measured at 7.24 inches long.

Macie Davis-Southerland told Guinness World Records she didn't discover her unusually long arm hair until 2012, when she was a junior in high school.


"I was at Disneyland with my best friend Kaylee's family when her brother pointed out a hair on my arm," Davis-Southerland said. "He was telling me that I had an extremely long hair, and his original thought was to pull it!"

Davis-Southerland refused to let him, and decided she would attempt to grow the hair out for a potential world record.

She said the hair would often approach 6 inches, but would frequently end up breaking or getting accidentally plucked.

She said her doctor measured the hair at 5.59 inches, which would have been enough to earn the record, but she decided to wait a few extra months to get a more impressive figure.

Her arm hair was officially measured in December at 7.24 inches, earning her the title for the longest arm hair (female).

Davis-Southerland said she is aiming to keep growing the hair until she overtakes the overall record for longest arm hair, which is held by California man David Reed at 8.54 inches.


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