Oklahoma family's cat rescues small dog from two coyotes

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Jan. 3 (UPI) -- A dog who was attacked by two coyotes in her family's Oklahoma back yard was rescued by an unlikely hero: the family cat.

Lane Dyer of Edmond said his family's 6-year-old Havanese dog, Oakley, was let outside to do her business when the two coyotes attacked.


Security cameras recorded as the two wild animals went after the much smaller canine, but they fled the scene seconds later when the family's outdoor cat, Binx, vaulted over the fence and chased them away.

"It was inspiring to see just our little outdoor cat just jump at two coyotes that were attacking this little dog who she loves and run them off," Dyer told KFOR-TV.

Oakley was taken to Neel Veterinary Hospital, where veterinarians initially feared she might lose her leg, but the small dog is now well on her way to making a full recovery, Dyer said.

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