Iranian man breaks his own record with 88 spoons balanced on his body

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Dec. 11 (UPI) -- An Iranian man broke his own Guinness World Record by balancing 88 spoons in various locations on his body.

Abolfazl Saber Mokhtari, 51, broke his own record of 85 spoons, which he set in 2021.


Mokhtari told Guinness World Records he decided to pursue the record for most spoons balanced on the body after a lifetime of sticking objects to his skin.

"I accidentally noticed this talent of mine when I was a kid," Mokhtari told GWR after his first attempt at the record was certified in January 2022, "but after multiple years of practice and effort, I was able to strengthen my talent and develop it to where it is now."

He told the record-keeping organization his talent isn't limited to spoons.

"Anything, I mean it, any object. Anything that has a surface I can stick to my body, such as plastic, glass, fruit, stone, wood and even a fully grown human," he said.

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