Sanitation workers dig through 20 tons of trash to find lost wedding ring

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Nov. 28 (UPI) -- Sanitation workers in New Hampshire went digging through 20 tons of trash to locate a resident's lost wedding ring.

Windham General Services Director Dennis Senibaldi said he received a call from a town selectman, who put him in touch with a resident whose wedding band had accidentally gone out with the trash.


"She gave me some particulars: at what time her husband threw the trash out, what was in the trash bag, what kind of car he was driving," Senibaldi told WHDH-TV.

Senibaldi reviewed surveillance camera footage to try to pinpoint the location of the woman's trash.

"So, I knew where the first scoop went, I knew where exactly on the floor it was, but it's still a lot of stuff to go through," Senibaldi told WMUR-TV.

He said his team had to dig through 12 feet of trash bags to reach the right bag.

The ring was found about 2 hours after the search began.

"I grabbed the ring, brought it up, cleaned it up for her, called her up," Sendibaldi said. "She was heartbroken on Wednesday and more than ecstatic on Friday."

Sendibaldi said it was the third time in two years that his team has sifted through trash at the transfer station to find a lost wedding ring. He said the last time was almost exactly one year earlier.


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