Mass. woman receives $20,000 worth of scratch-off lottery tickets from FedEx

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Nov. 17 (UPI) -- A Massachusetts woman was going through her FedEx deliveries when she found an unexpectedly heavy box with shocking contents: $20,000 worth of scratch-off lottery tickets.

Danielle Alexandrov of Falmouth said everything initially appeared to be normal with the boxes delivered to her home by FedEx.


"I start going through the boxes, everything is normal until I get a box that is very heavy," Alexandrov told WCVB-TV. "I open it up and it's a box of scratch tickets. And I'm thinking, 'Is this a joke?' until I look at the receipt and its value is $20,000 worth of scratch tickets."

Alexandrov then checked the address on the box and discovered it had been meant for Kenyon's Market in East Falmouth.

Alexandrov decided to return the tickets to their rightful owner. Officials said she did the right thing, and the tickets would have been worthless if kept.

"These tickets, until they're activated by a retail agent, there's really no value to them," lottery spokesperson Christian Teja said. "If someone tried to take one of these tickets, if it was a winning ticket, brought it to a retail location, there would be a message that would flag it and they'd be unable to cash the ticket."


Alexandrov is not the first person in recent days to receive a mysterious package -- Joelle Angleheart opened an Amazon box that arrived at her Chapleau, Ontario, home in September to discover 1,020 condoms she never ordered.

Angleheart later discovered she had been charged $495 for the order, but the money has since been refunded by Amazon.

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