Firefighters hoist horse out of California canal

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Nov. 13 (UPI) -- Firefighters in California used straps and a crane to hoist a horse that fell into a canal and became stranded.

The city of Riverside Fire Department said crews responded when a horse was found to have fallen into the Gage Canal off Jackson Street.


Rescuers decided to use a crane and straps to hoist the horse to safety.

"For this to occur, the animal must be sedated so a veterinarian was requested to respond," Battalion Chief Scott Wilson told City News.

The horse was sedated and fitted with straps. The crane was then used to lift the horse out of the water.

"Once the animal was back on the ground, the horse was further treated by the veterinarian and eventually released back to the owner," Wilson said. "The horse and its owner were both pleased to have the horse back on terra firma."

The fire department said the rescue operation took several hours to complete.

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