Five spooky unsolved Odd News mysteries for Halloween

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Oct. 31 (UPI) -- Halloween is a celebration of the strange and unexplained, but the Odd News headlines prove that spooky doesn't always mean ghosts and ghouls -- sometimes it can be a very real mystery.

This year's headlines have featured their fair share of bizarre, thought-provoking and sometimes downright scary mysteries, from pumpkins impaled on spires to enigmatic Minions statues to unidentified creatures.


Here are five of the spookiest unsolved Odd News mysteries so far this year.

Pumpkins impaled on university tower spires

An annual mystery once again became the talk of campus at New Hampshire's Plymouth State University when a pair of pumpkins were impaled on the spires of Rounds Tower, a large clock tower in the center of campus.

The pumpkins have appeared on the spires every year since the 1970s, excepting one year when the roof was under construction, but the people behind the annual prank, and their methods, remain a closely-guarded secret.


Mysterious Minion sculptures appear in Australian town

Residents of Warrack, a Victoria, Australia, town boasting a population of about 70 people, first spotted a mysterious Minions sculpture in town just before Christmas, and the statues have continued to appear on various properties to reach a current total of 24.

The perpetrators behind the scrap metal sculptures, some of which are designed to have uses such as mailboxes and planters, were caught on camera in one incident, but they were disguised by Santa Claus costumes.

Mysterious flying creature keeps pounding on Oklahoma family's back door

Carol Dillin, of Oklahoma City, said her family has repeatedly been awakened in the middle of the night by a loud banging on her back door, and security cameras have captured only grainy, unclear footage of an unknown creature.

Dillon said she suspects the animal might be a bat, but some experts said the animal could also be an unusually large moth. They said bats would be less likely to crash into a door due to their use of echolocation.

Ball of ice from the sky crashes through roof of California home


Jon LeClair of Big Bear, Calif., had an unseasonable spooky experience when a ball of ice crashed through the roof of his house, making a noise that he compared to a sonic boom.

LeClair and his family have been unable to get any answers from authorities as to whether the bowling ball-sized chunk of ice was the remains of a meteor or whether it fell from a passing airplane.

Mystery creature caught on camera in South Carolina waters

A video recorded by Raine McKinney near the south causeway bridge to Pawleys Island in South Carolina left experts stumped as to the identity of an oddly-shaped swimming creature.

A South Carolina Department of Natural Resources representative said officials were "stumped" by the video, which was passed along to the Marine Resources Research Institute in Charleston for further analysis.

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