92-year-old man hikes Grand Canyon rim-to-rim

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Oct. 26 (UPI) -- A 92-year-old who went on a rim-to-rim hike in the Grand Canyon is believed to be the oldest person to ever complete such a trek.

Alfredo Aliaga, who was born in Spain, was accompanied on his hike by his daughter, North Carolina resident Anabel Aliaga-Buchenau; his son-in-law, Jurgen Buchenau; and a pair of volunteer witnesses on his 24-mile trek, which totaled more than 21 hours of hiking.


Aliaga, who had previously hiked the Grand Canyon several times, was greeted by a crowd of up to 100 supporters as his hike came to a close.

"It was wonderful," Aliaga told FOX TV Stations. "[They're] all saying, 'OK, Alfredo! You made it!' It was really unique."

Aliaga is now believed to be the oldest person to cross the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim on foot, a record currently held by John Jepkema, who was 91 years and 152 days old when he completed his own hike in March.

Aliaga said whether or not he is awarded the Guinness World Records title, he is planning to hike the Grand Canyon again next year.

"You cannot say, 'I am too old to do things,'" he said. "I am healthy and happy."


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