Beer bottle message from 1955 found inside wall of Delaware home

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Oct. 20 (UPI) -- An inspection team working at a Delaware house slated for demolition made a surprising discovery: a message written on a beer bottle and concealed inside a wall in 1955.

An inspector identified only as David said he was conducting a hazardous material survey ahead of the home's planned demolition when he and his team found the Gunther beer bottle inside a wall.


A message written on the bottle reads: "This bottle was put in here by the plumber on 3/25/55."

"I have never found anything like it after 17 years and over 3,000 demolition inspections of every type of building or facility you can think of," David told Newsweek.

He said the rest of the team was similarly fascinated.

"The whole inspection team was surprised," David said. "I initially thought it was a bottle filled with urine, as I have seen that many times throughout my career, drywall workers are notorious for this as they work hard and do not get many breaks."

The team was relieved to find the bottle was empty.

"Once we realized it was an empty beer bottle, we thought it was pretty cool, then we noticed the note on it and were blown away. We all stopped working to admire it and speculate about its origin, the plumber, and what was going on in the year 1955. We all took photos of it to show friends," he said.


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