Chinese jellyfish found in California reservoir

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Oct. 4 (UPI) -- A visitor to a California reservoir took a closer look at what he thought was pollen floating in the water and discovered it was actually a school of jellyfish native to China.

Casey Neet captured video when he spotted the jellyfish in waters near the Stumpy Meadows Reservoir in Northern California's Eldorado National Forest.


Experts identified the tiny creatures as peach blossom jellyfish, a species native to China's Yangtze River valley.

The jellyfish, which have the ability to reproduce asexually, have been spotted in other bodies of water around the world, but their impact on local ecosystems has not yet been determined.

The penny-sized jellyfish don't pose a danger to humans, as they are too small to sting larger animals.

It is not yet known how the jellyfish ended up in California.

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