Ukrainian strongman pulls cars with his teeth for two world records

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Sept. 29 (UPI) -- A Ukrainian strongman put his teeth to the test by using his mouth to break two Guinness World Records for pulling cars.

Dmytro Hrunskyi, 34, took on the record for most cars pulled with the teeth and managed to haul six cars and drivers -- a total weight of 16,763 pounds.


Each car was in neutral, but was required to have a driver behind the wheel to ensure the vehicles remained in a straight line.

Hrunskyi then attempted the record for the fastest 30-meter (98.4-foot) car pull with the teeth and pulled a 2,293-pound taxi cab the required distance in 15.63 seconds.

"My hobby is extreme power tricks, and my goal is to be a multiple record holder," the bodybuilder told Guinness World Records.

He previously set the record for the heaviest train pulled by the neck by hauling a 71,650-pound train in 2022.

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