German engineer's custom Nerf gun fires 11 darts per second

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Sept. 27 (UPI) -- A German engineer custom-built a toy minigun capable of firing off 684 Nerf darts in one minute -- more than 11 per second.

Thomas Busch's MOAB, or Mother of All Blasters, broke the Guinness World Record for the fastest motorized foam dart gun fire rate, the record-keeping organization announced.


Busch said the darts fly at a speed of about 44.7 mph, approximately the same as a standard Nerf gun, but he said the high rate of fire adds a little extra sting.

"It does hurt a bit," he told Guinness World Records of getting struck by a dart.

Busch said it took about two years to build and perfect the MOAB using 3D printed parts modeled after real gatling gun technology.

"A lot of people modify and tune their Nerf blaster, and there are over a thousand different models available. I always wondered why nobody has ever built a Nerf blaster which uses gatling mechanics because it would allow a way higher firing rate, so I decided to build my own," he said.

Busch said he is still working to perfect the MOAB and believes he will soon surpass his own record by firing up to 50 darts per second -- and eventually hopes to fire up to 100 darts per second.


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