World's largest toothpaste collection includes whiskey, wasabi flavors

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Sept. 21 (UPI) -- A Georgia dentist earned a Guinness World Records title for his collection of 2,037 different toothpaste tubes, with unusual flavors including wasabi and whiskey.

Dr. Val Kolpakov, who practices dentistry in Alpharetta, said his collection includes rare toothpastes from countries including Japan, Korea, China, India and Russia.


"I started my collection in 2001 to learn more as a dentist about all available toothpastes on the market," Kolpakov told Guinness World Records. "Soon I realized that this is a very interesting hobby and tried to collect some old toothpastes and tubes from other countries."

Kolpakov said some of the most unusual tubes displayed at his dental practice's "mini museum" include a trio of whiskey-flavored tubes in rye, scotch and bourbon varieties. He said the novelty toothpastes, manufactured by Don Poynter in the 1950s, contain 3% alcohol.

Kolpakov said he also has a wasabi-flavored toothpaste, but he has no plans to try it.

"As you can imagine, it might not be for weak people," he said.

Other unusual entries in his collection include a tube of Doramad toothpaste containing the radioactive compound thorium and a tube of Brenner's toothpaste made specifically as a prop for the TV series Prison Break.


"It's lots of fun collecting, and I'm always looking for new toothpastes that come out. There are different trends, like right now there are lots of toothpastes they're making with charcoal," Kolpakov said.

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