7-foot python found under the hood of Wisconsin resident's car

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Sept. 19 (UPI) -- A Wisconsin resident sought help from animal rescuers instead of a mechanic when they encountered an unusual form of engine trouble -- a python under the hood.

Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary Curator of Animals Lori Bankson said the 7-foot snake was seen slithering in a garage on Pecan Street before it made its way to a parked vehicle and made its way under the hood.


"Most likely, the snake crawled up into this person's engine to stay warm, and found a good place to hang out for a little while," Bankson told WGBA-TV.

The car's owner determined the snake was not in a position where it would be harmed by a short drive and took the vehicle to the sanctuary for help.

Bankson, a colleague and an animal control officer were able to safely remove the snake from the engine compartment.

Green Bay police identified the snake as a jungle python, a species native to Australia.

Bankson said the serpent was likely a pet that escaped from a nearby home. Police said exotic pet owners need permits in the city, and they were unable to identify any residents with permits to keep jungle pythons.


The python is now being cared for by the Wisconsin Humane Society.

"It was an exciting afternoon, but we glad it went well," Bankson said.

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