Pennsylvania park manager rescues bear with jug stuck over its head

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Aug. 28 (UPI) -- An off-duty park manager in Pennsylvania came to the rescue of a bear she spotted at the side of a road with a plastic jug stuck over its head.

Sarah Lindgren, park manager at Kettle Creek at Ole Bull State Park in Potter County, said she was on her way to pick up a friend's dog after work when she spotted the bear cub at the side of the road with its head stuck inside the container.


Lindgren filmed video as she got out of her car to help the young bruin.

"I don't even know why I turned on the video at that moment, I just knew it wasn't in the ideal spot and I thought it was either going to drown or get hit by a car," Lindgren told WBRE/WYOU.

Lindgren was able to remove the plastic jug after about 10 seconds of effort.

"I highly doubt that it would have survived another day without intervention. It was very weak and dehydrated," Lindgren told CNN of the cub. "Not only that, but it was right along a paved road with a steep bank down to a stream. I would have to think that it would have drowned in the stream when the container filled up, been hit by a car, or died of dehydration within a day."


Lindgren said the approximately 8-month-old bear cub climbed up a nearby tree to recover.

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