Snakes found swimming in pool, hot tub at Wisconsin hotel

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Aug. 18 (UPI) -- Guests at a Wisconsin hotel said they were shocked to discover multiple snakes inside the building -- including in the pool and hot tub.

Michelle Griese said she and her son were staying at the Country Inn and Suites by Radisson in Germantown when they encountered some reptilian interlopers in the pool area.


"Sure enough, I go in, and there's a snake in the hot tub," Griese told WISN-TV.

Griese said she left the pool area and encountered another snake in the hallway.

"I literally watched the snake slither under this person's door," Griese said. "I knocked on this gentleman's door, and he came out, and I was like, 'There's a snake in the room,' and he said, 'I see that.'"

The man used a plunger to try to usher the snake out of his room and a pair of hotel employees soon arrived and took the animal outside.

Griese said the workers told her the hotel had recently been having a problem with snakes.

"This is an ongoing issue, and they're continually removing these snakes, or attempting to remove them, and not doing a great job because they're not taking them very far away," Griese told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "They're just putting them right outside the door, and they're just slithering back in."


A Washington Ozaukee Public Health Department inspector visited the hotel this week and did not find any snakes, but did discover a snake skin in the pool area.

The inspector's report quotes a staff member as saying workers believe a pregnant snake must have entered the building recently to give birth.

The hotel issued a statement Thursday saying the snakes "entered our pool area through a set of Emergency Doors that had been propped open by a guest."

The statement said it was an "isolated incident" and the snakes in question are not believed to pose any danger to humans.

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