Trespassing iguana removed from Florida couple's toilet

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Aug. 10 (UPI) -- A Florida couple made an unwelcome discovery inside the toilet in their guest bathroom -- an iguana.

Crystal Collins of Hollywood said she and her husband initially thought the iguana they found in the toilet bowl was dead.


"The sounds that came out of my husband were so funny," she told CBS Miami. "We search the cameras in our house to find out if we could get a sound bite of it. It was very manly."

Collins said she has lived in South Florida for 26 years, and her husband grew up in North Miami, but neither of them had ever encountered an iguana inside a house.

"We both looked at each other like what are we going to do," Collins said. "I joked about burning the house down."

Collins said she and her husband ended up calling a friend for help.

"Neither of us do lizards," she said.

The friend used a garbage bag to lift the lizard out of the toilet -- and quickly discovered it was very much alive.

Collins said the iguana was released outside.

In a similar incident, Michelle Lespron of Tucson, Ariz., called reptile wranglers to her home recently when she returned from a vacation to find a black and pink coachwhip snake in her toilet. The reptile was safely removed from her home.


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