Raccoon shows up on baggage belt at Philadelphia airport

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July 26 (UPI) -- Travelers at Philadelphia International Airport were treated to a rare spectacle when a raccoon showed up on the belt at baggage claim.

A passenger recorded video Wednesday evening when the raccoon emerged from the chute alongside suitcases from a recently-arrived flight.


Airport officials said the hub is surrounded by fields and raccoons have been known to get into the airport from time to time.

"The raccoon in the video most likely got lost in one of the baggage tunnels and was attempting to get out. The airport works with the USDA to set humane traps for raccoons," the airport said in a statement provided to WPVI-TV.

Airport spokesperson Heather Redfern said the raccoon was not trapped by staff and appears to have found its own way out of the building.

A similar incident occurred at the airport in 2022, when a raccoon was filmed emerging from a wall vent to steal a packet of Twizzlers.

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