Seagull statue with a female figure courts controversy in Massachusetts

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July 18 (UPI) -- A statue with the head of a seagull and the body of a human woman is raising controversy for a second time in a Massachusetts town.

Donna Dodson's sculpture, Seagull Cinderella, was first installed alongside Route 18 in New Bedford in 2016, sparking some complaints from residents who found the artwork too sexually suggestive.


The sculpture was moved to Dodson's hometown of Maynard for a time, but recently returned to New Bedford.

The sculpture has once again become the subject of complaints, and even a petition calling for its removal, despite Dodson making alterations to the formerly nude figure.

"This year she has the full daisy bikini, the full skirt," Dodson told WJAR-TV.

She said the artwork is meant to be empowering, not controversial.

"It's just a simple idea of what animal or bird would Cinderella be and, you know, again, thinking of this common seagull, so, it's basically just a seagull head on a woman's body," Dodson said.

Dodson said city officials are supporting the artwork and have asked her to leave it in place for the time being.

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