Illinois dog's 5.46-inch tongue breaks world record

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June 28 (UPI) -- The recent Guinness World Record for longest tongue on a living dog has already been broken by an Illinois boxer with a 5.46-inch tongue.

Brad and Crystal Williams, owners of 9-year-old Rocky, said it was always clear that their pet had an unusually long tongue, and their observations were frequently confirmed by strangers who would comment on the canine's mouth muscle.


The couple said they learned there was a Guinness World Records category for longest tongue on a living dog when they saw a previous record-holder, Mochi, on a TV special.

Crystal Williams said she heard earlier this year that Mochi had died, leading her to apply for the record on behalf of Rocky.

Guinness World Records sent veterinarian Dr. Bernard Bleem specific instructions for measuring Rocky's tongue, and the end result was a measurement of 5.46 inches.

Rocky took the record from Zoey, a Labrador/German shepherd mix whose 5-inch tongue earned her the title earlier this month.

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