Rattlesnake takes a swim in Arizona resident's pool

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June 8 (UPI) -- An Arizona snake wrangler called to capture a rattlesnake in a resident's back yard captured video of the moment the venomous reptile took a drink from the swimming pool and flopped in for a swim.

Marissa Maki of Rattlesnake Solutions said the western diamondback rattlesnake was taking a drink from the home's backyard swimming pool when she arrived.


"What are you doing you weirdo?" Maki asks in the video. "That is so cool."

The snake flipped into the pool to take a swim.

"That wasn't typical," Maki told McClatchy News. "I just thought that was hilarious."

Maki said she decided to let the snake swim for a while and tire itself out.

"I've seen videos of rattlesnakes swimming and just find it funny, so when it flipped in the pool, I was pretty excited to witness it first hand," she said.

Maki captured the snake with a pair of tongs when it attempted to climb out of the water. She said the snake was safely released out of town.

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