Red panda escapes British zoo, visits local grocery store

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May 30 (UPI) -- A red panda escaped from a zoo in England and was safely recaptured after wandering to a grocery store, where it was treated to an apple.

The Newquay Zoo confirmed a red panda named Sundara escaped from her enclosure just a few weeks after first arriving at the facility.


Rachel Craze, director at local grocery store FreshPoint Local, said staff spotted the animal running down the road and were able to coax the red panda into the business' parking lot.

Craze said employees called police and rolled an apple to the red panda.

"The panda very much enjoyed the apple," Craze told ITV News.

Police and zookeepers arrived on the scene and the animal handlers were able to catch the red panda in a net. The animal was returned to the zoo.

"Panda rescue is not a topic taught in police training yet," Newquay police Inspector Guy Blackford tweeted.

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