Husky escapes Alabama shelter enclosure, destroys lobby

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May 18 (UPI) -- An Alabama animal shelter had "a slight delay" in opening to the public for the morning when staff arrived to find a husky had escaped his enclosure and carved a wave of destruction through the lobby.

"We will have a slight delay this morning due to a husky throwing a party last night in the lobby," the Colbert County Animal Shelter in Tuscumbia said in a Facebook post. "Front desk computer is destroyed along with files and paperwork. He somehow let two dogs out in the back also. So we have a big mess to clean up."


Surveillance camera footage shows the husky, named Titan, climbing on desks and counter tops while pushing items to the floor and even tearing at the window blinds.

"He is such a sweet dog, unless you are paper products," the shelter wrote in a follow-up post.

Officials said Titan's time in "doggy jail" is coming to a close, as he is now being adopted by a new family who have experience curbing the destructive impulses of huskies.

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